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We are delighted if you are planning to celebrate the birth of your child at All Saints or St Andrew’s! We want to make it a memorable and special occasion for you and your guests. Your child is precious to you and precious to God.


We offer two types of service: 

Christening (also known as Baptism) and Thanksgiving


Both take place in the main Sunday morning service at 10.30 am. 



A simple service when you can join with friends and family to celebrate the birth of your baby. We will ask for God’s blessing for your baby and for you.


Christening or Baptism

The minister will pour water over your child to mark the beginning of their journey of faith. You and the godparents promise to show them by your own example what it means to follow Jesus Christ.


Planning your service

The next step is to contact the church office by email or telephone. You will be asked to attend a preparation evening where you will meet the ministers and hear about the options available. These are held on certain Monday evenings. Contact the church office here


For more information about Church of England Christenings, click here.

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