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at St Andrew's Church 7.30 pm Monday, 24 April 2023

A. Meeting of the Parishioners:

1. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 4 April 2022 - read here.

2. Election of Churchwardens (need to be elected/re-elected every year).

Nominations (to be confirmed and added to at the meeting): 4 needed -

All Saints: Alison Hodgson & John Farrall willing to be re-elected; 2 vacancies for St Andrew’s.


B. Annual Parochial Church Meeting:

1. Rector’s Report – Rev’d. Ian Birkinshaw - read here.

2. Apologies for absence.

3. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 4 April 2022 - here.

4. Matters arising.

5. Presentation of the Electoral Roll – Alison Walters, Parish Administrator - read here.

6. Annual Report & Accounts 2022:


6.1 Presentation of Annual Accounts for the year ended 31.12.2022

– Andrew Coombes, Treasurer powerpoint slides here.

6.2 Appointment of Rachel Hillman as Independent Examiner

6.3 Presentation and acceptance of the Annual Report & Accounts for the PCC including our mission activities for the year ended 31.12.2022 - view Report here.

6.4 Presentation and acceptance of supporting reports: PCC Working Groups Annual Governance Report and Deanery Synod Report 2022 here.


7. Report of Church Activities in the Parish for year ended 31.12.2022 here.


8.  PCC Elections - Nominations received to be notified at the meeting:


8.1 Deanery Synod Representatives: 

We can elect up to 3 representatives.  The election of lay representatives from parishes for the next three years should take place at APCMs this year.  Two representatives are standing down this year: John Farrall and Peter Aspin - leaving 3 vacancies to fill.


8.2 PCC Lay Members: 

Following this year’s revision of the Electoral Roll we have 200+ members. This allows us to elect up to 15 lay representatives to the PCC.

Only one change this year: Jonathan Leach, standing down following a 6-year term.  This change results in 7 continuing members and up to 8 vacancies.  No members are required for re-election for a further 3-year term. Please note that there will be a short meeting of the newly formed PCC immediately following the APCM.


9.  Any other business.

Please notify the Chair or Secretary before the meeting. Items will only be accepted at the meeting by majority consent of voters present.


10.  Closing Prayer.

Parochial Church Council (PCC)


Brief Notes from the last PCC meeting

held on Monday, 20 March 2023



A report by Chris Park was accepted.


Cake & Company: Included in LYCIG report.


Warm Space:  All Saints had been opened 8 times during January/February. Whilst there had been visitors at each opening these were out of general interest in the church building or for prayer rather than seeking warmth. This initiative had now finished.


Presence Live: a report was received from James S which described the continuation of fortnightly Sunday Evening Meetings. Between 6 and 12 were attending in person in SA or online at each meeting. James S and Frances Simon are to meet to consider the future of the Wellbeing Service for Monks Cross shopping staff.


Youth & Children: PCC welcomed the approach from Robbie and Sarah O'Brien and we encourage them to explore the potential launch of a new company of the Church Lads and Church Girls Brigade.


James S submitted a copy of his application to the Diocese for a period of Extended Study Leave. PCC agreed that he should take a period of 6 weeks study leave from 17th April 2022.


TABLE TALK - Youth & Children

The PCC discussed how we should approach this activity financially after July 2023. Four options were considered for the continuation of the Children’s Work:


  1. 35 hrs. Full time Role

  2. 25 hrs. Assistant Role

  3. 17.5 hrs. Assistant Role

  4. No new appointment


The PCC postponed a decision until after we know the response to Stewardship Sunday.


Finance: PCC approval was confirmed for the following:


  • The 2022 Accounts which now include the confirmation by the External Examiner.

  • The continued use of the CofE Energy Basket for the supply of fuel for the next 2 years (n.b. includes provision of carbon zero electricity)

  • The transfer of £3k to the SA Building Extension from the Outreach & Mission Fund.

  • The transfer of a further £1k to the SA Building Extension  from the money provided by the local Authority Ward

  • The funding of the ‘Mark’ production at the Folk Hall from the Outreach & Mission Fund - £500 approx.

  • The allocation of ‘Mark’ ticket payments to be shared equally by the New Earswick Swimming Pool and SA Building Fund.


Governance: The PCC discussed ongoing plans in preparation for the APCM on April 24th 2023.The following positions were identified as likely to be available for election:


                                                   Church Wardens  (Total of 4)

                                                   2 willing to continue at All Saints - 2 vacancies

                                                   0 in place at St. Andrews -             2 vacancies

N.B. – Church Wardens have to be voted into post for one-year every year


                                                   Deanery Reps.                               (Total of 3 Vacancies)


                                                   PCC Elected Members                 (Total of 6 Vacancies)




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