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Parochial Church Council (PCC)


Brief Notes from the last PCC meeting

held on 20 Monday, November 2023

LYCIG: Some of our young people had been involved in developing a Christmas Card which would be circulated to friends and neighbours by church members. Two carol singing events were also scheduled for 14th December at New Earswick Primary School and 3pm on 16th December at Monks Cross Shopping Centre. There will be a nativity scene at which visitors can have their photos taken and be invited to our Christmas Services.


Youth & Children: Things continue to go well with the successful merging of 2 groups into 1. We have been approached by New Earswick Primary School to hold carol services for 2 classes at St Andrews. The Group will also participate in the Christmas Fest in which it will work with other groups in the City. St Thomas’s in the Groves will be the centre for these events.  


Eco Group (formerly Green Group):  ​

  • Nature Conservation -  very busy with AS Bat Survey, Jean Radford memorial bench, landscaping plans for SA, Cycle Rack planter for AS and planning for another Snowdrop Festival at AS on 10th and 11th February

  • Eco Church Silver Award – focussing on completing SA Land Section through bug hotels and hedgehog boxes. That will leave Community Engagement and Lifestyle sections to complete the award.

  • Carbon Zero Sub-Group – Work is ongoing to present a revised plan back to the PCC. This will focus on full electrification in both churches by 2030. Jan Nobel from York Diocese visited SA for a joint service on 19th November.

November Campaign:

  • Recognised that our savings may be used up by the end of 2024

  • As a result, some of our staff positions may become unsustainable

  • Agreement that the Congregation must be made aware asap

  • Further discussions will be held with the Standing Committee in January / February

  • No action to be taken in November 2023

Finance & Treasurer’s Update 2023:

  • Income is up by £24,633 due to an excellent gift day, fuel support grant etc.

  • Regular giving is running a little below budget

  • There has been some increased giving via the new contact payment machine

  • There are cost pressures in a number of areas – Maintenance, printer charges, failure to achieve some savings.  Expenditures are £1675 overspent.

  • But overall, we expect to have a surplus of  £7000 to £10,000 at the year-end


Budget for 2024:

  • Proposed 2024 Budget of income £220,400, expenditure £248,076

  • Allocation of any 2023 surplus to the General Fund

  • Reserve Valuation of £93,400

The 2024 Budget was agreed by the PCC Unanimously


  • Ian Richardson will be standing down from the position of Safeguarding Officer

  • Dot Bevington will replace Ian once her training is complete

  • Ian will oversee the transfer and the conclusion of any current cases

The PCC voted unanimously that our Church does not require Clergy to wear robes in the leading of our services at All Saints and St Andrew’s.

Rector Ian Birkinshaw Announcement of Retirement:

  • After some 15 years Ian has handed in his notice of retirement to Bishop John

  • His last Service will be on Easter Sunday 31st March 2024

  • Arch-Deacon Sam Rushton will come to the next PCC Meeting to describe how the process to appoint a new rector will begin to take place.

Next PCC Meeting : 15th January 2024

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