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Parochial Church Council (PCC)


Brief Notes from the last PCC meeting

held on Monday, 18th March 2024 

Matters Arising: Chris Clarke reported back on a meeting with residents at Hartrigg Oaks. The discussions had gone very well and led to exploring ways that we could be more involved there.


Youth & Children: Following the departure of James S we are managing to continue the work in all the Groups. These activities will be monitored. Interviews for the new post are scheduled for mid-May.

ECO Group: The Snowdrop Festival had been a success with over 300 visitors. The Eco Church Silver Award is within reach with 4 items needing to be completed.

Finance & Treasurer’s Update:  Andrew Coombe’s report showed our regular giving is some £2,100 above budget. Other income is in line with budget and expenditure is currently as forecast.


The PCC proposed to offer current elected members who have completed their 6 years of service in April 2024 the opportunity to serve for an additional year. As our Parish Administrator regularly works beyond her contracted hours, it was agreed to allocate an additional 3 working hours per week.

Preparation for Annual Report/APCM: 

Ian B pointed out that as he will have retired on 14 April he will provide a written Rector’s Report for the APCM rather than deliver it in person. 

The PCC agreed Reports for the APCM.  These Reports will be made available to all Church Members two weeks in advance of the APCM both on the Website and on paper via the Office.


Elections (Churchwardens and PCC Members):  There will be one Churchwarden Vacancy at both All Saints and St Andrew’s.

As the Electoral Roll Revision will total more than 200 members, there will also be 6 Vacancies for additional PCC Members to be elected. 

Safeguarding:  The current Safeguarding Dashboard Report was available for the PCC.

Prior to his retirement Ian B will be meeting with Ian R and Dot B to implement the safe storage of all safeguarding records.

Health & Safety: An annual report from David Barker (H&S Officer) was received. David has indicated his intention to retire from his voluntary position at the APCM. A vote of thanks will be given for the years of service that David has given in this role.

The Vacancy (from 15th April):

The Treasurer summarised how the PCC would operate in the Vacancy Meetings and the supporting activities. PCC noted the approach to producing and reviewing documentation in a timely manner.   PCC reviewed and supported the plan and stages to produce the Parish Profile with the objective of meeting with the Bishop of Selby on 21st May.


PCC agreed plans to begin drafting the Parish Profile. Members of the PCC intend to engage with the Small Groups in w/c 15th April to seek individual’s thoughts regarding this work.


Next PCC Meeting : 19th May 2024

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