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Parochial Church Council (PCC)
PCC MEETINGS 2024-2025

15th January 2024

Minutes of the meeting held on 15th January were agreed.  You can read a full copy of these here.

18th March 2024

Minutes of the meeting held on 18th March were agreed.  You can read a full copy of these here.

20th May 2024

Highlights from the last PCC meeting held on Monday, 20th May 

Minutes of the Previous Meeting: Minutes of the meeting held on 18th March were agreed. 


Youth & Children: Chris P reported that the ongoing Y&C work was proceeding well.  However, Kidz Klub has moved over to fortnightly meetings resulting in some loss of attendees. Consideration will be given to gaining assistance from our new Intern, Britney Brett and our new Y&C Leader, Aimee Crossland.

ECO Group: Two new memorial benches have now been installed outside All Saints Church.  The forthcoming Annual Nature Count will be at All Saints Church on Sunday 2nd June.

Finance & Treasurer’s Update:  Our regular giving is some £4,300 above budget which is encouraging.  Overall income is £7,069 above budget. The preparation of the 2025 Budget will be discussed at the next PCC in July.


PCC Membership:

Trustee Declaration Forms - Forms have been completed by the 7 new members of PCC.

PCC Working Groups - New members had been considering which Working Groups they may choose to join. There was some discussion around the status and differences between the Working Groups and the Activity Groups and whether this is still an appropriate structure for the governance of PCC business.


It was noted that every CofE Church has a Standing Committee which is legally established and has the authority to carry out the business of the PCC between meetings, although it must follow any directions that the PCC has given to it.

Buildings & Fabric:

In the anticipation of the glazing repair works at AS it was notified that the footpath to the main front door would have to be closed off to the public.

Update on Building Development: A carpet for the new extension had been purchased. The target for the opening of this new extension is now the end of July, which would tie in nicely with the proposed joint summer services.

Safeguarding:  The current Full Dashboard Report was available for the PCC’s attention. This showed items requiring attention had risen from 5 to 9 since the last PCC Meeting. This was due to annual update actions suddenly being required.

Health & Safety: Andy Smith, H&S Officer, had produced an update of the H&S Policy. During the period of Vacancy overall responsibility for safety passes to Churchwardens. 



Chris P reported that due to the large scale of York Deanery, the area would be split across 3 sub-districts. Our Area Dean will be Rev’d. Andrew Gready, Clifton PC.


PCC supported the engagement of Britney Brett as an intern for a year, together with funding her on a Youth Leadership training course in September.


Steve and Carol Gosling were co-opted onto the PCC. This will be converted to full elected member status in September.

The Vacancy

Discussions included the status of the Parish Profile, feedback from the Archdeacon, and arrangements for meeting Bishop of Selby on the 21st May.  Teams were established to bring the work on the Profile to a conclusion, to create the materials for advertising the post, and to review our ‘Web Site’.

PCC noted the wish to achieve completion of the Profile by the 1st July with a fallback of the 15th and that the process of choosing the Parish Representatives would commence at our next ‘Vacancy meeting’ on 17th June.

Next PCC Meeting : 15th July 2024

15th July 2024

16th September 2024

18th November 2024

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